Talking about a person, and doing them justice, is difficult. Each of us is seen in a different light by every other individual, and my experience of xxxxx will naturally be different, as his son who grew up in a different family, to each of yours.

Therefore, I’m going to tell you about how I saw xxxxx What I admired most about him and the qualities I’ll most miss. I hope this resonates with you also, and I look forward to hearing your viewpoints and memories throughout today, and in the days to come.

When I hear people talk about xxxx what most often comes across is something I too recognized, his enormous amounts of energy and passion. xxxx was never a man for half measures, and when he devoted his energy to something he would, do it to the full of his energy and abilities. Whether it was Ukraine, Sailing, Photography or just simply cooking, he would focus on it fully and completely.

I always got the impression that projects were not just “things to be done” for xxxx, but extremely personal to him, and crucial to how he saw himself and the world. The Ukrainian Business Journal was not to him just an interesting media project, but a vehicle for promoting an entire country and changing how it was viewed by itself and the world. Photography was not just a hobby, but something he could use to document some of the most beautiful sights and creatures in the world for all to see, and to help in his own way by raising money to preserve them.

This passion also carried through into how he dealt with people. There was no such thing as a bloodless, technical discussion with xxxx, and though I disagreed with him on many occasions, I was always talking with someone who was directly and honestly telling me where they stood, how they saw the world, and what they fundamentally believed to be the right thing to do.

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